Recipe 38: Strawberry Chiffon Pie

So what if it’s only a week after Christmas and you’re on a self imposed diet to lose the few pounds you packed on over the holidays. There is always room for a slice of pie. This pie is light … Continue reading

Recipe 38: Traditional Christmas Pudding

Who doesn’t LOVE a tasty hot Christmas Pudding? These puddings held a high position in the Christmas Day feast and some were incredibly rich and heavy.  In Victorian England times were tough and the average pocket book was stretched beyond … Continue reading

Recipe 33: Twisted Walnut Date Crisps

The idea of using Wonton wrappers as a dessert is likely a North American phenomenon. To most Chinese the idea of their beloved savory being turned into a deep fried sweet item is somewhat blasphemous but, after spending almost 20 … Continue reading

Recipe 30: Handed Down Bread Pudding

There are many ways to make bread pudding and just as many different names for it. My version is one I grew up with, made by my Grandmother, who used left over bread crusts and the NEVER eaten by us … Continue reading

Recipe 26: Yule Log Cake

I am always amazed at the power, warmth and beauty of a crackling fire.  It’s ability to mesmerize and draw you into a story played out in glowing embers that pop and crackle as flames lick around the logs like … Continue reading

Recipe 25: Brandy Fudge

Here’s a quick and tasty fudge recipe for the holidays and since I have friends who adore fudge and brandy…this one should be a hit. There is a trick to making fudge and it requires some trial and error to … Continue reading