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Shop Local. You may have heard the phrase before, but what makes it so important?Smiling Sheep

Well, the obvious reason is FRESHNESS. If something was picked before it’s time, packed in ice, transported across oceans and trucked to your local grocer – how fresh can that be? On the other hand, if a local farmer grew it and it traveled less than 2 hours to get to the grocer…or even better, you buy it AT the farm it was grown on…well, there’s just no question it’s as fresh as it can be!

Of course buying local supports your local farmer and your local economy. Simple economics.

Local goods are also raised in the same environment you live in (or at least very near) and this means it is much more compatible with your digestive system. This is something most people DO NOT even think about. Have you ever wondered why you might feel queasy or have digestive troubles after eating something as simple and wholesome as fruit? Think about it…produce grown in other countries are irrigated with that country’s water and can therefore carry the same issues as actually drinking the water from the source.
The water may be perfectly fine for those accustomed to drinking it on a daily basis but, for those of us thousands of miles away…maybe not. That’s why buying and eating local produce whenever possible is the best bet. We should all support the idea of  being a Locavore (100 Mile Diet) and LOVE buying local. Most farmers are thrilled to have you take an interest in what they are doing and will often give you insight or a guided tour into what they do. As busy people we forget how important it is to support our local growers be it produce or meats. So…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get out there and shop, eat and enjoy what your area has to offer. Your body will thank you as will all of your local farmers. Those of you who live in Hamilton and surrounding areas please be sure to visit my links for excellent local farmers as well as shops and markets that support them.

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