Recipe 29: Asian Inspired Chicken Wings

Let me be upfront here, these wings are not healthy. They are not baked and shouldn’t be… it ruins the texture. They are coated AND deep fried and loaded with salty flavour. Once in a while eating something deep fried … Continue reading

Recipe 25: Brandy Fudge

Here’s a quick and tasty fudge recipe for the holidays and since I have friends who adore fudge and brandy…this one should be a hit. There is a trick to making fudge and it requires some trial and error to … Continue reading

Recipe 21: Captain Jib’s Flaming Fish

Captain Jib is a fictional pyrate who loved to cook. His recipes were a hit among his crew and he was lucky enough to have a chef actually writing a rum based cookbook on his behalf. This recipe is from … Continue reading

Recipe 18: Guinness Oatmeal Bread

I love to make bread albeit, NOT without my bread machine. I don’t know how women did it back in the day. I remember my Grandmother making bread at home up to her armpits in flour, loaves rising on top … Continue reading

Recipe 14: Guinness Cheesecake with Bacon

If you have been following my recipe blog you know I am obsessed with bacon. It has so many uses it’s ridiculous and this is another one of those WTF uses. To be truthful I’m not a huge fan of … Continue reading

Recipe 7: Elizabethan Lavender Cake

I am a day early with this recipe, but…it gives me a day of reprieve as I won’t have to post another recipe until Wednesday. I got on the subject of lavender uses with food today as I had a … Continue reading