Spice adds variety to life!

Welcome to a list of good, modern, recipes that also work alongside what may have been popular as far back as the Middle Ages! Our love of Food & Family are the binding elements we all have in common and for me to spread the LOVE of food virally (if you’ll pardon the pun) is a joy!

Of course, it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t insert my geekified historical references, sardonic wit and some lame attempts at humour, so take everything you read here with a grain of salt (so to speak). This will not be a site that will touch on dieting; this WILL be a site that will focus on the LOVE of food and recipes – some healthy, some, perhaps not so much…so, common sense should be your guide!

The recipes will not always be simple, but I will try to keep them somewhat healthy (we can pretend Chicken Fried Steak is healthy, right?). I can guarantee however, they will be satisfying and perhaps even decadent. The idea is to draw inspiration from favourite recipes and understand that we can learn to enjoy food in a whole new light – it doesn’t have to be just good or bad. I am hoping to promote the idea that taking control of your food habits and changing them, can be for the better. It’s OK to LOVE food (even bad food sometimes); we only need to learn to choose wisely and food can be a wonderful way to add pleasure to our daily lives.

So in my effort to spread the LOVE…join me daily and partake in the joys of cooking and eating!