Globally Inspired Flavours

Month: November 2010

Bison and Boar Pizza

I like to think that today’s consumer has become slightly more food savvy over the last 10 years and instead of just grabbing something off the shelf at the grocery store we are now paying closer attention to what goes into our bodies. By looking […]

Yule Log Cake

I am always amazed at the power, warmth and beauty of a crackling fire.  It’s ability to mesmerize and draw you into a story played out in glowing embers that pop and crackle as flames lick around the logs like eerie finger tips. Sparks like […]

Brandy Fudge

Here’s a quick and tasty fudge recipe for the holidays and since I have friends who adore fudge and brandy…this one should be a hit. There is a trick to making fudge and it requires some trial and error to get it right as mere […]

Barrel Aged Cider Vinegar Pork

Most people see vinegar as something used in bottles of pickles or what Grandma used when making her chutney and other preserves. Vinegar has a whole different use and while cooking with vinegar is likely not very high on most people’s lists,  it should be. […]

Deep Fried Pickles

Deep fried pickles, not just bar food anymore. They are easy to make at home and certainly a fun treat. The best pickles for this recipe are large, crispy dills that are not precut. These retain their overall crispness over the precut ones. Pickles first […]