365 Days of Reworked Recipes

The overall idea is to list good recipes and for me to spread the LOVE of food virally, if you’ll pardon the pun. Of course it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t insert my geekified historical references, sardonic wit and my lame attempts at humour, so take everything you read here with a grain of salt (so to speak). Also, this will not be a site that will touch on dieting; this WILL be a site that will focus on the LOVE of food and recipes – some healthy, some perhaps, not so much…so, common sense should be your guide!

The recipes will not always be simple but I will try to keep them somewhat healthy (we can pretend Chicken Fried Steak is healthy, right?). I can guarantee however, they will be satisfying and perhaps even decadent. The idea is to draw inspiration from favourite recipes and understand that we can learn to enjoy food in a whole new light – it doesn’t have to be just good or bad. I am hoping to promote the idea that taking control of your food habits and changing them, can be for the better. It’s OK to LOVE food (even bad food sometimes); we only need to learn to choose wisely and food can be a wonderful way to add pleasure to our daily lives.

So in my effort to spread the LOVE…join me daily and partake in the joys of cooking and eating!

WARNING: This blog comes with side effects that may include – a general feeling of bliss, the occasional foray into the darkest depths of being a foodaholic and the possible expansion of your waistline. At no time does the Chef take responsibility for your lack of self control. Please be sure to always chew your food as inhalation is dangerous to ones health and do not pull up to the trough unless you are sure you can pull away.