BBQ Chicken Breast

I love the outdoor grill. Food has a different flavour when cooked over a fire. It's something primal built into ...
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Gypsy Goulash

Being from Gypsy background on my Father's side of the family I think I am entitled to speculate on what ...
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Bacon Stuffed Avocado Halves

I have decided recently, to have an illicit love affair with avocados. Not only the fruit themselves but with the ...
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Decadent HEALTHY Brownies

Say it ain't so...Brownies that are healthy? This is NOT something I would joke about. Who doesn't love a decadent ...
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Galette des Rois (King Cake)

I found this recipe for the Northern France version of King Cake after a friend commented on how yummy it ...
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Captain Jib’s Flaming Fish

Captain Jib is a fictional pyrate who loved to cook. His recipes were a hit among his crew and he ...
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Elizabethan Lavender Cake

I was discussing the subject of lavender uses with food today, as I had a tasting of ready made food ...
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Spice Market

Herb and Spice Blends

Since my collaboration as Chef for Black Walnut Lane Farm Kitchen & Shoppe, preparing foods exclusively for their market stall ...
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Classic Tourtière

Tourtière originated in Québec (Canada) and is frequently enjoyed in the winter months, particularly during the holidays. Since the weather ...
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