The Roma: Baby Spinach, Roma Tomato Wedges and Capers served with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, cracked Black Pepper and drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Caprese: Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Grape Tomatoes tossed in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic reduction, topped with cracked Black Pepper.

The Gypsy: Feta Cheese, Roma Tomatoes Halved, Sweet Yellow & Green Bell Pepper and Kalamata Olives with a Garlic and Black Olive Vinaigrette.

Deluxe Tomato: Sliced Roma, Heirloom and Jubilee Tomatoes with English Cucumber, lightly sprinkled with cracked Black Pepper, fresh Oregano and grated Romano Cheese. Served with your choice of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Dijon Vinaigrette.


  • Grilled Honey glazed Lemon and Orange Wedges
  • Spicy Gypsy Sausage with Red Peppers and Roasted Garlic
  • Beef Tenderloin Tips with Black Cherry Reduction
  • Spicy Chicken with Sweet Apple Chutney
  • Halved Butternut Squash with Caramelized Walnuts


  • Roma Tomato with Fresh Basil and Thyme
  • Seasonal Fresh Vegetable
  • Beef Broth & Onion
  • Butternut and Crème
  • (All soup served with Whole Grain Breads)

Entree Choices

  • Seared Halibut with fresh Thyme and Lemon served with choice of salad.
  • Port Glazed Quail with Wild Rice and Baby Spinach
  • Spicy Fire Roasted Chicken with Pan Seared Potatoes
  • Grilled Sirloin with Black Cherry or Raspberry Reduction with Herb Couscous
  • Apple and Sage stuffed Pork Loin with Seasonal Root Vegetables
  • Gypsy Ravioli stuffed with Spicy Sausage or Spinach Ricotta served with Tomato Basil Sauce


The sky is the limit! We’ll create a dessert based on your menu choices and personal tastes.