Globally Inspired Flavours

Tag: spicy

Twisted Walnut Date Crisps

The idea of using Wonton wrappers as a dessert is likely a North American phenomenon. To most Chinese the idea of their beloved savory being turned into a deep fried sweet item is somewhat blasphemous but, after spending almost 20 years of my life in […]

Deep Fried Pickles

Deep fried pickles, not just bar food anymore. They are easy to make at home and certainly a fun treat. The best pickles for this recipe are large, crispy dills that are not precut. These retain their overall crispness over the precut ones. Pickles first […]

Marinated Bell Peppers w/Goat Cheese

I love peppers…bell, shepherd, banana and even the hot spicy ones. They are versatile, tasty and can be cooked in various ways. Used throughout the world today, sweet peppers are often associated with Italian, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine and their spicy counterparts with Mexican, Spanish, […]