Globally Inspired Flavours

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Greek Inspired Roast Leg of Lamb

I am not a fan of lamb but, I am trying. I think it is because growing up it was never cooked properly. My Grandfather was a fan of everything being cooked to death and often to the point of becoming more like shoe leather […]

BBQ Chicken Breast

I love the outdoor grill. Food has a different flavour when cooked over a fire. It’s something primal built into our DNA. Open fire, meat and the joy of eating it with your fingers.  There are so many ways to prepare chicken but, this recipe […]

Mediterranean Style Lamb Pockets

I have kept these tasty little pockets simple. They are an easy snack that can be made by pretty much anyone…even if you are hopeless in the kitchen. The phyllo dough is store bought, the mincemeat is store bought so your only issue will be […]