Recipe 47: Moist & Delicious Carrot Cake


Carrots are a versatile vegetable and should not only be gazed upon for their beauty. They have much more personality then just their outward appearance and can be used to add texture and flavour, as well as sweetness and colour … Continue reading

Recipe 45: Cheese and Herb Bread

At this time of year when winter has us by the short and curlies a nice hearty loaf of bread with a steaming bowl of hot soup or stew certainly hits the spot. On the agenda this evening is a … Continue reading

Recipe 40: Rumbledethumps

Growing up in a predominately Scottish/English household foods such as Bubble n’ Squeak were common but, at Christmas or New Years there was always the turkey and other specialties. To the Scots New Years is also known as Hogmanay and … Continue reading

Recipe 16: Deluxe Tomato Salad

Salad…boring, I know, I know. This salad however, is not your average garden variety rabbit lunch. I am not one for a bowl filled with romaine lettuce and some store bought dressing. Good enough in a pinch I suppose but, … Continue reading

Recipe 14: Guinness Cheesecake with Bacon

If you have been following my recipe blog you know I am obsessed with bacon. It has so many uses it’s ridiculous and this is another one of those WTF uses. To be truthful I’m not a huge fan of … Continue reading

Recipe 5: Maple Caramel Pumpkin Cake w/Bacon

The combination of flavours and textures in this recipe sound crazy, but think about it for a second or even a minute if you feel up to pondering. Maple and Caramel are pretty much cousins, maple being the superior of … Continue reading